Three Stone Steps

Friday Photo: Hand of Fatima/Hand of Miriam/Hand of Mary

Today I wished a helpful woman in a hijab a Happy Eid.   (I’m not sure why I even thought it was Eid and I’m not sure adding a “happy” in front of it is a traditional greeting.)  This fellow shopper smiled, said thank you, and about ten minutes later happily waved to me when we saw each other again in the parking lot.  (I can only guess that she doesn’t get wished a happy holiday on the wrong date at a southeast Baltimore City Safeway all that often.)

This exchange caused a small we are the world moment and I thought about the metal art hamsa I had made. This is one of Three Stone Steps‘ most popular pieces, even from people who have no idea what it is.  There’s a real universality about this amulet, and  honestly, what is more human and welcoming than an out stretched hand?

This hamsa/hand of Fatima/hand of Miriam/hand of Mary and any hand of that I might have missed, can be hung as shown below or even with the fingers pointing skyward.  metal hamsaHave a happy weekend and/or whatever holiday it may or may not be!

Friday Photo: Metal art sun (here we come)

In honor of the longest days of the year (and the intense sunburn on my back), today’s Friday Photo is a recycled metal sun.  Enjoy these summer days (and don’t forget the sunscreen!).

recycled metal art sun

Friday Photo: Metal art goes to the beach

It’s hot and humid in this part of the planet, and our thoughts here at Three Stone Steps along with many others turn to the cooling waves of the beach.  If you’re not able to get away, enjoy this piece of recycled metal art from Haiti featuring a mermaid with sea, sky, and fish.

mermaid metal art

Friday Photo: recycled metal crabs in a box

We had a delivery of recycled metal art from Haiti this morning here at Three Stone Steps.  And, since our worldwide headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland, there’s no way we could pass on ordering up some crabs.

With the exception of our amazing recycled metal menorahs, we tend to shy away from painted metal art, but these content crabs are just too perfect to miss.  And, in this part of the world, it’s crab season.

Enjoy the weekend, with or without our Maryland’s state crustacean.

crabs in a box

Friday Photo/s: Ikats and more ikats

Here are Three Stone Steps we are knee deep in trying to photograph the fantastic hand loomed silk  ikats we scored on our Central Asian journey.  To let you know what should be coming soon, here’s a photograph of some of the ones we bought, and of a kind-faced seller (whose wares we passed on since we had enough and were suffering from beautiful textile burnout syndrome) at a market in the Fergana Valley.

We have some of these.  They’re great.

ikats that we own

And, here are some we passed up.  But, there’s always next year!

ikat seller_fergana valley

Friday Photo: Yet another suzani tote bag

Since we can’t get enough of our tote bags made out of suzanis, today’s Friday Photo brings you yet another design.  This one has a different color scheme on each side, so bonus photo today!  You can find this one and more here.

suzani tote bag


suzani tote bag

Friday Photo: suzani tote bag

We’re making even more progress getting our lovely Central Asia embroidered goods up on our site, including tote bags that are perfect for summer.  You can find this one and more right here.

suzani tote bag

Friday Photo: Suzani shoulder bag

And, we’re making progress on getting our fantastic Silk Road accessories up on Three Stone Steps’ site.  These beautiful, lightweight, handcrafted suzani bags are from the historic Khorezm Province of Uzbekistan.  The bag itself is cotton and the embroidery is silk thread.  Each bag is one of a kind, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  You can grab one right here.

suzani shoulder bagMore coming soon.  Enjoy the weekend.

Friday Photo: Metal art and suzani in the round

Whenever we ship an online order here at Three Stone Steps,  we include a postcard.  We also give out postcards when peddling our wares live.  After years and years of using the same postcard (which we and customers love) we changed it up a bit to reflect Three Stone Steps’ focus on great recycled metal art from Haiti and our beautiful burgeoning collection of suzanis and other textiles from Central Asia.  I think the main image of the postcard photo merges them both well.  I just hope the customers like it!

metal art and suzani bag detail

Friday photo: Suzanis in the mud

While Three Stone Steps focuses on recycled metal art from Haiti, we’re branching out–and, in a way, going back to our roots–by also focusing on textiles. We began by importing fashion accessories from Southeast Asia.  And, while we’re back to more textile based products, we’ve moved a bit west to Central Asia.

We’re now carrying a some incredibly beautiful suzanis (and ikats) and have slogged through the cold rain and mud get them.  And, yes, we now own most of the suzanis shown below.  (They will be up on the site as soon as we figure out the best way to photograph them.)

suzanis in the mud

not shown in tourist brochures

Want one now and just can’t wait until they’re posted on our site? Just contact us and let us know what interests you and we’ll provide details.