Three Stone Steps

Friday Photo/s: “Evergreen” metal art

‘Tis the season….for the perennial debate among environmentally conscious folks about which is greener:  an artificial Christmas tree or a real, grown on a farm one.  Here at Three Stone Steps, we think the answer is simple: a recycled metal tree!  And, we have three  standing ones from which to choose:

small recycled metal art christmas tree  JBX02JBX01

The adorable small tree, perfect for your desk or shelf, measures 3″ x 5.”  The middle tree is 10″ x 14″, and the pappa bear big tree comes in at 13″ x 25.5″.  (And, yes, these are most definitely not shown to scale.)  Right now, these are available for wholesale and at our live events.   Should you want just one, please get in touch and we’ll make it just right.

Happy Friday!

Friday Photo (video): Views of Uzbekistan

Happy Friday.  For today’s Friday Photo (video) we have a treat: a beautifully filmed longish video showing modern Uzbekistan, including a focus on the applied arts.  (Weirdly, the needle arts, including suzanis–probably the best known of the Uzbek arts and carried here at Three Stone Steps–is not included.)  And, now to the trick:  this view of Uzbekistan is long, in Russian, and not subtitled.

Have a Happy Halloween–and may it be filled with many sweet treats!


Friday Photo: Recycled metal menorah with chickens

Yes, it’s only October, but here at Three Stone Steps we’ve been busy shipping our great recycled metal art menorahs to retailers.  And, you know what?  They make us happy.  Not happy because it means the holidays aren’t all that far off, but happy because they are so amazingly wonderful.  (Ok.  We’re biased.)

Take a look at this and tell me it doesn’t make you happy, too.  (And, what’s not to like?  Recycled,  fair trade, handmade, and gooorgeous!) Want to see more?  Just check out our recycled Judaica page right here.

recycled metal menorah with flowers and roosters

Friday Photo: Small (metal art) is beautiful

Here at Three Stone Steps, our real show stoppers are the larger pieces of recycled metal art.  (Ok. That’s a tiny fib.  Our suzani bags and other textiles from Central Asia command attention, too.)

And, while big and bold is wonderful, there’s something to be said for small pieces, too.  This piece of metal art stands on its own, and measures 4″ x 4″.  Perfect for any little space where you need something happy.

standing bird in tree


Friday Photo: Haiti (sans metal art) in Brooklyn

We love a parade!

Haiti is in the house (at least among the spectators) at the West Indian Day/Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn.

west indian day parade haiti flag

Friday Photo: Happy Labor Day!

Instead of posting about metal art or Judaica or textiles from Central Asia, here at Three Stone Steps we want to take a break and think back over our labor roots and wish all the workers out there a very happy Labor Day!

vintage labor day poster

Friday Photo: Bowled over

Here at Three Stone Steps, we carry recycled metal art for your walls, your Christmas and Hanukkah needs, and for personal adornment.  We also carry metal art for your table.

We have a series of incredibly lovely bowls available live and for wholesale.  Below is one of our favorites.
recycled metal art bowl




Friday Photo: Hand of Fatima/Hand of Miriam/Hand of Mary

Today I wished a helpful woman in a hijab a Happy Eid.   (I’m not sure why I even thought it was Eid and I’m not sure adding a “happy” in front of it is a traditional greeting.)  This fellow shopper smiled, said thank you, and about ten minutes later happily waved to me when we saw each other again in the parking lot.  (I can only guess that she doesn’t get wished a happy holiday on the wrong date at a southeast Baltimore City Safeway all that often.)

This exchange caused a small we are the world moment and I thought about the metal art hamsa I had made. This is one of Three Stone Steps‘ most popular pieces, even from people who have no idea what it is.  There’s a real universality about this amulet, and  honestly, what is more human and welcoming than an out stretched hand?

This hamsa/hand of Fatima/hand of Miriam/hand of Mary and any hand of that I might have missed, can be hung as shown below or even with the fingers pointing skyward.  metal hamsaHave a happy weekend and/or whatever holiday it may or may not be!

Friday Photo: Metal art sun (here we come)

In honor of the longest days of the year (and the intense sunburn on my back), today’s Friday Photo is a recycled metal sun.  Enjoy these summer days (and don’t forget the sunscreen!).

recycled metal art sun

Friday Photo: Metal art goes to the beach

It’s hot and humid in this part of the planet, and our thoughts here at Three Stone Steps along with many others turn to the cooling waves of the beach.  If you’re not able to get away, enjoy this piece of recycled metal art from Haiti featuring a mermaid with sea, sky, and fish.

mermaid metal art