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Friday Photo: Metal art and suzani in the round

Whenever we ship an online order here at Three Stone Steps,  we include a postcard.  We also give out postcards when peddling our wares live.  After years and years of using the same postcard (which we and customers love) we changed it up a bit to reflect Three Stone Steps’ focus on great recycled metal art from Haiti and our beautiful burgeoning collection of suzanis and other textiles from Central Asia.  I think the main image of the postcard photo merges them both well.  I just hope the customers like it!

metal art and suzani bag detail

Friday photo: Suzanis in the mud

While Three Stone Steps focuses on recycled metal art from Haiti, we’re branching out–and, in a way, going back to our roots–by also focusing on textiles. We began by importing fashion accessories from Southeast Asia.  And, while we’re back to more textile based products, we’ve moved a bit west to Central Asia.

We’re now carrying a some incredibly beautiful suzanis (and ikats) and have slogged through the cold rain and mud get them.  And, yes, we now own most of the suzanis shown below.  (They will be up on the site as soon as we figure out the best way to photograph them.)

suzanis in the mud

not shown in tourist brochures

Want one now and just can’t wait until they’re posted on our site? Just contact us and let us know what interests you and we’ll provide details.


Friday photo returns: Three Trees metal art

While Three Stone Steps isn’t necessarily partial to the number three, we are partial to great metal art from Haiti and we are fond of trees.  Today’s Friday Photo is of one of our favorite new pieces of handcrafted recycled wall art.

metal art from Haiti, three trees

This will be available on our website soon.  If you can’t wait, send us an email and we’ll give you details.  It’s available now for wholesale.  (And, after loads of glitches, our wholesale catalog will be ready in a matter of days.  Stay tuned.)

Friday Photo: Three little metal art angels

While some big box stores have had holiday stuff out since August, here at Three Stone Steps we try to wait until after Halloween to show off our fine metal art holiday wares.  While we’ve been selling this adorable recycled metal art angels wholesale, we’re bringing them out at markets and they’ll be on the website soon.

metal art angels

Friday Photo: Sidewalk sellers

three sellers_tashkentIn additional to selling our metal art online and wholesale, Three Stone Steps peddles its fine wares at markets (and bazaars & whatever else they happen to be called).  And, when traveling, markets are always on the top of the list.  (I wrote about the solidarity I feel with market vendors the world over in this piece.)

Today’s photo is of three sellers in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  While I generally have a 10′ x 10′ space, shelter, tablecloths, and a (somewhat) coordinated set up, these women are just making do.  And, I can only hope that each had tons of sales!



Friday Photo: Metal art harvest

Here in (most of) the northern hemisphere it’s harvest season.  And if you’re looking to hang on to the growing season a just a bit longer, why not plant adorable recycled metal garden stakes?

reycled metal vegetable-garden-stakes

You can buy one for an inside planter or enough for the back forty here.

And, so you know, we’ve updated our find page with most of our live events until the end of the year.  If you’re in Baltimore or Washington, DC, we hope you’ll visit.


Friday Photo: How Excellent.

Among Three Stone Steps‘ most whimsical pieces of Haitian metal art are three little sun head people.  Yes.  I said sun head.  I always think of them as a male-female sun head couple and the third wheel, but I suppose you could think of them as a happy little sun head people family in any sort of permutations:  a mother, father and little sun head daughter;  two sun head mothers with a sun head son (a sun son); a single sun head father with two sun head daughters.  I think you get the picture.  Please feel free to play along!

The person behind these sun head people is a talented artisan named Excellent. Bernard Excellent, to be exact.  And, I don’t need to point out what a great name that is.

And, if you’d like to see Mr. Excellent’s very non-sun head head, here it his (along with the rest of him):

haitian metal artist

Have a great, sunshiny day!



Friday Photo: Coming soon

Here at Three Stone Steps, we’re always excited for the arrival of Fall.   There’s much to love about crisp air and sweater weather.  This coming season we’re especially overjoyed because we can finally-finally! show off our great new bags from Uzbekistan, made from used camel hair and wool kilims.

While we’re not quite ready to show you the bags, which will be available both online and at our our live events, we can leave you with some detail from one of the bags.  (Given the handmade and upcycled nature of the bags, each is unique.)

And, they’re coming soon!

kilim bag detail




(very belated) Friday Photo: To Market

In addition to online and wholesale, we here at Three Stone Steps peddle our metal art and other fine (ethical) finds at markets.  And, when we’re out and about, we visit markets and feel a secret solidarity–or a I so feel you pain– with market vendors everywhere.

And, with that, I leave you with a photo of two women, who I don’t know but feel like I could,  who sell vegetables at a market in Khiva, Uzbekistan.

women at market_khiva

And, speaking of markets, you can find us tomorrow, Sunday, at The Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar.  Find Three Stone Steps in the west lot.

Friday Photo: More metal art flowers for the summer (and beyond)

In last week’s Friday Photo, we here at Three Stone Steps highlighted metal art flowers that would (almost) live forever. If you’re looking for outdoor or garden art (or even inside slightly sculptural pieces that you can stick in a planter) check out these wonderful flower garden stakes.

metal art garden stakes


Sort of happy making for a Friday, yes?!